3 Factors to Consider When Buying A Rug

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Rugs can be a big investment and are a fundamental piece to any room. So, it is important that you make the right choice. When choosing a rug, you will want to consider three factors:

  1. Your Style:  You’ll want to start the process by evaluating your space and determining your style preferences.   First, take a look at your room and note the type of flooring, the style of your existing furniture, and the colors used.   After taking stock of your space, surf the web and find a few rugs that appeal to you – subtle and neutral rugs or rugs that are bold and colorful.  If your room is full of color and pattern, you’ll want to consider a rug that’s neutral and will complement your design instead of distract from it. Whereas, if your room is full of clean lines and neutral colors, you’ll want to choose a rug that’s rich in color or pattern to help ground the room and give some depth to the overall design.
    Your Style
  2. Your Space: When choosing the right size area rug, be sure to keep in mind that it should fit under every key furniture piece in the room. In the living room  at least the front two legs of the sofa, armchairs, or any other furniture piece along the edges of the seating area should rest on the rug.   Typically, a large (8’ x 10’ or  9’ x 12’) rug is best in the dining room – it should extend at least 24” past each side of the table in order to easily access the chairs.  The rug in your bedroom should be placed at least three-quarters of the way under the bed with 36” extending around the sides. If you have a smaller rug you love and want to use, but it does not fit the aforementioned criteria, you may want to consider layering it with a larger simple natural fiber rug.
    Your Space
  3. Your Lifestyle:   Any areas with high foot traffic, such as the kitchen, entryway, mudroom, or dining room, need a rug with a low-pile (pile height of ¼ inch or shorter).  These flat-weave rugs generally offer great durability and are easy to spot clean.  In rooms where you want to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere like the living room or bedroom, you need a medium to high-pile rug (a pile height higher than ¼ inch).  This brings a plush, cozy feel that you typically want in these rooms, but it will require a bit more care to keep them clean.
    Your Lifestyle

Now that you know the key factors to consider, I hope you feel more confident and empowered to make the right choice when it comes time to purchase a new rug for your space!